Baby Anthony's Story

Our beautiful son, Anthony was born on 6/05/2011. Labor was intense he was born not breathing.  When he finally was able breath, he was too weak to even cry. I noticed that something was not right from the beginning, he started to projective vomit at around 4 weeks at least 15 times a day and nothing would help. As time was passing, I noticed that he had no head support and couldn't latch onto the bottle. His weight was drastically lowering. At 9 months of age he was only 11 lbs. During the same time, I noticed that he still wasn't tracking toys. The doctor's told us that some children develop differently. Right before he turned 1 we finally got some answers (not what we were hoping). We found out that our son had Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, Septo-Optic Dysplasia (Blind). Doctor's told us that he most likely had no vision at all. They gave us no hope and said that he probably won't even notice light. They also told us he had cerebral palsy as well.  At a year he still wasn't able to support his own head, put weight on his legs, roll, sit, crawl, or eat food via mouth. Around this time we had heard of Anat Baniel Method. We went to see Anat and Neil Sharp in San Rafael, California and noticed that just a week or two after going to the center, he had started to put weight on his legs. He could stand with support for a few seconds, where as before this was not even a possibility. We have continued ABM lessons at least 4 sessions every month. We recently went down to see Anat, Neil, and Chris and now our son is starting to sit with some support, his head control has improved so much, and is starting to put toys in his mouth! Anthony had a vision test and the doctor said that his vision is getting a little better. Doctor said that glasses might be a possibility in the future. Anat Baniel Method has helped us so much and gives us hope that one day our son will be able to walk and talk. I thank My Brighter Tomorrow for even making this possible.  Without the help of this organization we would not be able to afford this much needed therapy. Thank you everyone who has donated to this amazing organization.